About Us

Topanga Candle Company was born from the love of antiques and the love of candles.

Dinah Englund and Thomas Vogel have created a truly unique product.  Often referred to as “Candle Antiques,” their candles come housed in a wide range of antique vessels.   Englund and Vogel find these precious objects in their travels around the world as they search for unique items that can become the housing for their custom candles.  

Vogel, a 20-year veteran candle-maker, dedicates his time to perfecting the candle-pouring and wick-placing process to ensure that the candle quality is in-keeping with the refinement of the antiques they fill.    

The candles are created from a blending of 100% pure soy and palm oil wax.  To this they add their signature fragrances from organic essential oils.

The fragrances were born from many hours of euphoria, frustration, tears and triumph. They were looking, and would not settle, for anything less than a fragrance that wraps itself around you.

They hand-pour the candles at their studio in Topanga Canyon, California. Their quality test has always been a candle that burned beautifully and could be lit at any time of day or night with a fragrance enjoyable to a man or a woman.

From small tins to large antique containers, these special pieces are transformed into candle antiques that add a lovely decoration and ambiance to any home. 

This antique tin features a painting of Queen Elizabeth surrounded by a raised ornamental pattern in white and gold.  When you remove the lid you find a hand-poured, lightly-scented soy and palm oil candle nestled inside of the antique tin.  This is more than a candle… it is a cherished keepsake.